Spirituality: The Anchor to Recovery

 The majority of the recovery community identifies the importance of spirituality and it’s strengthening characteristics to recovery. Even the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous realized that only repentance, the turning over of your will and life, and the active development of a trusting and intimate relationship with GOD was mandatory to obtaining the wholeness we seek.

There are three major components that represents who we are: Flesh, Soul, and Spirit. When first born our primary needs are fleshly: nutrition, nurturing, shelter, clothing, etc. As we progress our intellect and emotions present as our soul. Unfortunately, introduce different forms of trauma, lack, or neglect to the flesh and soul in development and an identity that has been injured results.

This identity crisis produces a real sense of void in one’s life. Addiction is usually a search to fill that void. That is why so many different forms of addiction exist. And if someone obtains some form of recovery over one addiction, it may be easily replaced by another form of addiction. 

Spirituality brings a new identity to replace the identity crisis and develops the most important part of who we are. The Bible tells us that we are made in the “image of GOD.” Wow, what does that mean? Have you ever looked around in a crowd and try to determine which one of these looks like GOD? Looking at some of the faces I see that can be kind of scary. Let me share a humorous story on that subject to make my point. There once were two Christian men, one black and the other white, that would car pool into work together. One day a debate between the two commenced over “what color do you like GOD is? The white brother stated that GOD was white, because all the illustrations of Jesus depicted him as white. The black brother pointed out that Jesus did not pose for those illustrations. He contended that GOD had to be black because His ways were so soulful and passionate. This debate went on throughout the day at work. While returning home that night, the debate was so intense that the driver was distracted and ran a red light. The resulting accident took the lives of both men. Even while the two ascended to heaven the debate continued. Upon arriving at heaven’s gates saint Peter was immediately ask to settle the question. His reply was “Do you see that great light approaching us? That’s GOD!! Your question will soon be answered.” As GOD approached the light got brighter, and bright, until it was so brilliant the two had to cover their faces and turn away. Then from the midst of the light came a great voice that said,”Bienos dias, mi amigos!!!” The question remains. What is the image of GOD in us?

I propose that the third component of who we are, Spirit, is the image of GOD in us. Unfortunately, for many it is the least developed part of our lives. It has not been nurtured or veiled in religious practices that don’t come close to filling the void written of early in this topic. Only a true seeking of who GOD says you are to HIM and the building of an on going intimate relationship with HIM will result in the building of that Image of GOD in you. The results will be a NEW IDENTITY. No longer trapped in the old identity of pain, anger, loss, and addiction. But, one that grows daily into the revelation of John 6:63,”It is the SPIRIT that gives you life, the flesh profits nothing.”

My prayer for each of you is that you obtain recovery and walk in a new identity knowing that, “Greater is HE that is in you, than he that is in the world..”( I John 4:4)

Norm Fennimore

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